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JUNE 28-29, 2008

Photo Credits KF3G N3LXN N3ZZK

During Field Day H.A.R.C. runs as a class 3A. That means three active stations using off the grid power. We have voice on 10 through 80; voice and CW on 40 through 80; and digital on 20. We also try VHF and amateur satellite stations. Come and join us. Guests are always welcome. Give a call on our repeater output of 146.685 and somebody will unlock the gate for you. We'll also give you directions if you need those too.

LOCATION is Alverthorpe Park. Use the Jenkintown Road Entrance (on the right) just past Holmecrest Road (on the left).

Past Field Days

For further information contact WM3PEN@harcnet.org

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