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Worked All States Award

The ARRL Worked All States Award is earned by submitting confirmations from all 50 U.S States. To be eligible for the award, the U.S. applicant must be an ARRL member. Cards are checked by a volunteer ARRL HF Awards Manager affiliated with ARRL Special Service Clubs (although QSL cards can be checked at HQ, absent an awards manager). Bob, WA3PZO, is the HF Awards Manager for the Holmesburg Amateur Radio Club.

The cost of this award is $10 for the certificate, or $15 for the certificate and pin. Aside from the basic certificate for any combination of bands/modes, specialty certificates are issued for a variety of different bands and modes such as Satellite, 160-meters, SSTV, Digital, Phone, and each VHF band. Available endorsements, for a $7.50 charge, include CW, Novice, QRP, EME, and any single bands. Costs for the award are set by the ARRL.

The Digital and Phone awards are available for the various modes. They will be dated, but not numbered. To encourage increased activity and station improvement throughout the bands, the 5-Band WAS certificate, at a cost of $10.00 for the certificate or $15.00 for the certificate and pin, is available for working all states on 5 amateur bands (5,10, 18 and 24 MHz excluded). Cards for 5BWAS can be checked by your local HF Awards Manager or at ARRL HQ.

Complete rules, application form, and WAS maps can be found here.

Card Checking

Applicants can contact WA3PZO to make an appointment to have their cards checked and application signed.

If you want WA3PZO to check your cards for the Basic WAS Award and /or endorsements and you live a distance from Philadelphia, but don't care to drive, please follow these instructions:

1. Send WA3PZO your cards, application form and WAS Record Sheet, all application fees (payable to ARRL) plus $6.00 (payable to Bob Josuweit) to return your cards.

2. Once I receive them and all is in order, I will sign your application and send all to the ARRL Headquarters.

3. An email or confirmation note will be sent.

4. Your cards will be returned to you via USPS Priority Mail.

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