Our call sign is in honor of Treasure Island Scout Camp.

Treasure Island is located in the middle of the Delaware River in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1913, it’s the oldest continuous running Boy Scout Camp in America.

The camp consist of two islands, the main island, Treasure Island, is 40 acres, 1/2 mile wide and about a mile long. The second island, Marshall Island is about 130 acres, 2 miles long and a 1/2 mile wide. Marshall Island is home to outpost camping, shooting sports and C.O.P.E facilities.

Unami Lodge #1, and the Order of the Arrow, was founded at Treasure Island in the summer of 1915 by E.Urner Goodman, the Camp Director, and Carroll A. Edson, his assistant, to perpetuate camp traditions and ideals from summer to summer. The organization was to be based on Leni Lenape traditions.

The graphic on the card is a large painting which hangs in the dining hall. It is a good representation of the camp as it stands today, with camp sites and building represented by structures in the painting. The blue heron, geese, and deer are frequent visitors to the island. Next to the compass rose is the Unami Lodge Totem, a snapping turtle, also a regular inhabitant.

The island itself is listed in the US Islands Award Program IOTA - NJ017R - While the camp belongs to a Pennsylvania Scout Council, it is actually located in New Jersey.

With Sadness

It is with great disappointment that we have to report the inspiration for the Troop 461 Radio Club call sign, WW3TI, Treasure Island Boy Scout Reservation, was closed in 2008.

According to the BSA's Cradle of Liberty Council website;

The Executive Board did not come to this decision lightly. The Council has been working diligently to keep the camp open since the two consecutive floods of 2005 and 2006. The cost of the camp, sharp decline in attendance since the floods, and the increasing environmental restrictions forced the board to reluctantly ratify the recommendation to close the camp.

The Council Camping committee has organized an ongoing committee to look at the long term future of Treasure Island.

While there is some doubt about whether or not Treasure Island can hold the title of the “oldest continually operated Boy Scout Camp in the country”, there is no doubt that the property holds a real historical value in Scouting. Treasure Island was the birth place of the Order Arrow in 1915, founded by Camp Director E. Urner Goodman and his assistant Carrol A. Edson.


A few years after the club was formed, Troop 461 merged with Troop 155 so you will see both troop numbers used, but our heritage is Troop 461 which proudly served Scouting for over 45 years.

We are part of the Delaware District, Cradle of Liberty Council, Boy Scouts of America.
Boy Scout Troop 461/155 is chartered to Saints United Lutheran Church in Northeast Philadelphia.

Boy Scout Troop 461 Amateur Radio Club is a brother club of the Holmesburg Amateur Radio Club.

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