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Philadelphia County Emergency Coordinator: KC3PGT, Cliff Hotchkiss

District 1 Emergency Coordinator: K3ITH, Dick Stewart

Acting EPA Section Emergency Coordinator: W3GWM, George Miller

EPA Digital Network


Philadelphia ARES consists of licensed amateur radio operators who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment for communications duty in the public interest when disaster strikes and develop a coalition relationship with adjacent county amateur radio ARES for mutual benefit.

Status and Concept:

Philadelphia County ARES team members are composed of Philadelphia resident and adjacent county licensed Amateur Radio Operators interested in serving the community with their hobby. Phila ARES has interest in forming a membership that has the ability to cross serve Philadelphia and its immediate adjacent counties when such operations are beneficial. Phila ARES, geographically central to the Five Pennsylvania County area and Three New Jersey counties, can be of mutual benefit to volunteer organizations located in these surrounding areas.


Membership in Phila ARES can be Amateur Radio Operators residing in Philadelphia and surrounding counties. Phila ARES would expect to know each member in advance of any emergency or disaster for what should be obvious reasons, to develop as smooth operations as possible in stressed situations. Members are encouraged to check into the ARES regular nets as often as possible, learn and regularly practice good radio operating tecnique, especially those used in emergency procedures.

Phila ARES adjacent counties:
PA: Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, Delaware
NJ: Gloucester, Camden, Burlington

All amateurs interested in participating should check into the Phila ARES Net,
every Sunday at 9:00 PM, hosted on the:
Phil-Mont Repeater System
147.030 MHz (+offset 91.5 PL)
When control operators are available, Echolink node 507410, W3QV-R, is on the repeater.
Backup link is KB3IV-L.

Philadelphia ARES is looking for new members.

Are you interested in volunteering?

NOTE: Phila ARES communication will be through regular nets, Email and this web site. If there is an emergency, monitor the Phil-Mont repeater on the hour.

Philadelphia ARES is sponsored by the Phil-Mont Mobile Radio Club and the Holmesburg Amateur Radio Club.

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