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Upcoming Public Service Events

To assist you with communications support for a Public Service Event, HARC has developed a set of guidelines that will answer a lot of questions about this function.

Northeast Philadelphia 5 Mile Run

Sunday, October 15, 2017
We will be providing communications support for the "Seventh Annual Northeast Philly 5 Mile Run".
This run is in support of The Northeast Philadelphia Youth Alliance
It is being held at the Northeast Philadelphia Airport, Grant Ave & Ashton Rd.
We are assembling at 6:45 AM by the start/finish area.
This is at the top of the entrance drive, use the parking lot to the right.
Talk-in on our repeater output frequency - simplex 146.685
Working frequency will be provided at check-in.

Field Day

June 24-25, 2017
At Alverthorpe Park
Come one - Come all
Bring a friend, bring your spouse, bring your kids, bring your friend's kids.
Everybody is welcome to come see what Amateur Radio is all about.
Talk-in on the repeater output 146.685 -600 146.2 .
Call us through the repeater, or simplex on the output.

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