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Important Web Sites

Amateur Radio Sites

  • ARRL
  • ARRL Eastern PA Section
  • EPA ARES Digital
  • ARRL Atlantic Division
  • Area Repeater Coordination
  • University of Pennsylvania Amateur Radio Club
  • AMSAT NA - The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation
  • OSCAR - Orbital Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio
  • QRZ - Call sign look-up and news articles.
  • HamCall - Call sign look-up and news articles.
  • License Address Change - FCC website
  • Local APRS Activity
  • DX Awards
  • Amateur Radio Newsline

  • Emergency Information Sites

  • Hurricane Watch Net - Maps of active storms.
  • SKYWARN - National
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • FEMA Online Training
    Emergency Management Courses at a virtual school. Certificates are provided and registration is free.
  • Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency

  • Miscellaneous Sites

  • Satellite Tracking - AMSAT tells you how, this tells you where.
    Pass Predictions from H.A.R.C.'s location.
    If you are not in Philadelphia, edit your location under the "Configuration" section.
  • Satellite Tracking - Real time courtesy of NASA
  • Ham Gear - pictures and basic data
  • On-line calculators, very extensive.

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