Philadelphia ARES - Net Procedure.


Phil-Mont Repeater
147.030 MHz (+offset 91.5 PL)
When control operators are available,
Echo-link node 507410, W3QV-R, is on the repeater.
Backup KB3IV-L

Before the Net starts.

NCS = Net Control Station

  • Have writing pad & pencils handy.
  • Use the log sheet to record check-in.
  • Instructions for the net control operator are, {in this style}, they are not to be read allowed.
  • Remember {LISTEN} is very important. Allow 10 seconds after the repeater drops for a reply before you as the NCS re-transmits. Especially when giving Echo-Link check-ins the delayed connect time they need.
  • A {PAUSE} lets the repeater time-out reset.
  • Fill in the Net Log sheet (available here) as you take check-ins. For deployments use the Tactical Net Log

    NCS should be on frequency and announce the upcoming net 5 Minutes before the Net commences.

    Script for the Philadelphia ARES Net.

    This is {NCS Callsign}calling the Philadelphia Amateur Radio Emergency Services Net.
    My name is {Your name} and I am Net Control.
    This IS a directed net. All Amateur Radio Operators are welcome to check in.
    Please state your CALL, NAME, and LOCATION when checking in.

    Is there any EMERGENCY or PRIORITY traffic?
    {LISTEN 10 seconds}
    {Acknowledge stations; and copy traffic, if any.} or {No check-ins.}

    {NCS Callsign}, net control, Standing by for all Philadelphia ARES check-ins
    {LISTEN 10 seconds}
    {Take check-ins and acknowledge them.}

    {Net Control will make any announcements and poll each check-in for any comments.}

    {NCS Callsign}, net control, Standing by for any additional Philadelphia ARES check-ins
    {LISTEN 10 seconds}
    {Take additional check-ins and acknowledge them.}

    {NCS Callsign}, net control, Are there any additionl comments to net control or accross the net, please call.

    There were _____ check-ins to the Philadelphia ARES Net this evening.

    This net is scheduled every Sunday evening at 9:00 PM on the Phil_Mont Repeater
    147.030 MHz (+offset 91.5 PL)
    When control operators are available,
    Echolink node 415607, W3AA/L, is on the repeater, with KB3IV/L as backup.
    ALLSTAR 41624
    Additional information about Philadelphia ARES can be found on the web at "".

    This is {your call sign}, net control, closing the Philadelphia ARES Net and releasing the repeater to other users.
    Thank you for checking-in and Good Night.


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